Bathing Suites? Face Lifts? Ladies Nights? What the heck?

Do You Hate The Idea of Trying on Bathing Suits?

bathing suits at slimlinesIts the crazy time of year where everyone is getting ready for a beach holiday.  Wish I was on that list too!  Not only can we help get your body looking great in a bathing suit (quickly I might add) but we have an expert swimsuit fitter to make it even better!  Sol Swimwear is joining forces with us to complete the beach holiday preparation.


micro 1AND even better!!!  Brian Rose from Urban Eden is now renting a room from us and is doing non-invasive face lifts using micro current technology.  I’ve done 2 sessions with him so far and quite frankly am a little blown away with the results.  I will be doing 12 sessions in all so will post my before and afters when done.

Interested in Having a Ladies Private Evening?

We will soon be offering exclusive ladies nights evenings . How that works is we will Ladies night out copyoffer a few select ladies the opportunity to spend a few hours with us trying all of our services, along with some wine and cheese.  This is a great opportunity to ask a lot of questions, learn a few new things, lose those pesky inches and have some giggles and bubbles with close friends.  If this is something that interests you please give me a call personally at 780-887-2788 and let’s set it up!