Too Many Treatments! What Do I Pick? HELP!

With All The Body Treatments Out There How Do I Choose?

Slimlines SlimSmartLet our Complimentary Consultations help!

Rounding off another year and next month we will have been in this location for 5 years.  This past year we’ve had some really exciting changes in clients and offered some really fantastic packages.  Weight loss of course is on everybody’s mind as we enter the new year and we look forward to meeting all the new (and see some of the old) clients who need to get rid of a little turkey belly!  We have also introduced a new bust lift and bust enhancement package.  The before and afters will obviously need to be seen here as I can’t post them.  We offer complimentary consultations and are more than happy to share our success stories with you.

It’s Always Best To See a Client In Person to Determine What Services They Need

I came across a really important article written by Dr. Mercola that I would like to share.  It has always been my belief that we are constantly mislead by media and large corporations when it comes to tanning and skin cancer.  Please read this informative article and share your thoughts! I firmly believe that it is more unhealthy to spread a lotion FULL of chemicals all over your body (your skin being the largest organ of your body) and baking it in.