OMG I’m so Bloated! What to Do?

Belly Fat or is it Belly Bloating?

Being in the weight loss/inch loss industry I come across all shapes and sizes of men and women.  What people don’t realize with the services we offer here is that I am able to help you from the inside out.  What this means is in getting to know a client I can find out key bloatingproblems with their weight loss that sometimes can be easily tweaked by a product recommendation that will cause their body to change even faster.  Sometimes its just the product they need and not necessarily any of our body treatments. It is my goal to help our clients from the inside out.


One of the biggest “problems” I tend to see with men and women is that they are quite often bloated. There are a number of factors that can cause bloating and I’d like to touch on a couple here and my remedies for it.

Could Your Bloating be Caused by Poor Digestion?

Bloating1.  Digestion is key in maintaining a healthy weight and for losing weight as well.  If you are someone who craves sugar, bread, starch, and these types of sugary foods which in turn cause bloating I would recommend that you start with Bod-E-Klenz by Natures Sunshine along with Caprylic Acid.  The Bod-E-Klenz is an easy to use kit with pre-packaged supplements that you take on a daily basis. In a nut shell, doing this cleanse will:

Revitalize and balance the intestinal system, help the body deal with environmental toxins and stress, provide energy, strengthen the glands throughout the body, balance hormones, nourish and strengthen the liver, promotes better digestion and elimination, balance blood sugars.

Could Your Bloating Be Caused By Sugar?

caprylic acid copyIf sugar cravings are an issue it may mean that there is a build up of yeast in the body so I recommend taking Caprylic acid with the cleanse.

Any questions? Please feel free to call me at any time!