Look Hot In This Bikini!

Mission: Look Hot in This Bikini

On a recent trip to Jasper, Alberta I got busted without my bathing suit –
a very athletic and *safe* Roots black racer. So I did something I haven’t
done since I had kids. I bought a bikini. For sixty bucks. So what better
goal for my SlimSmart and Laser Lipo treatments than to “look hot in this

Look hot in this bikiniI shared this with Leah as she hustled me in and up on to the comfortable
massage table for my first treatments. She’s pretty confident she’s going
to get me where I want to be! We started out with Lipo Laser. Nothing
scary here; in fact there is no sensation at all. Leah strapped the
paddles on to my tummy, and we had a chat while the laser did its thing.
The laser, as Leah explained it, targets fat cells a few millimetres below
your skin. The laser permeates the fat cells, causing the “liquids” in them to come out thus shrinking the fast cell.

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This isn’t as gross as it sounds; actually your lymphatic system is quite happy to
get to work flushing those triglycerides – that’s the stuff that drains
from your fat cells – right out of your body.
Okay, so on to Slim Smart. Now this was cool. Leah strapped some paddles
on to my tummy, and held them in place with Velcro straps.


Then she wrapped me in something called a “diathermy pad” – basically this is warm
like a heating pad, but it uses a special heat wave to break down fat and
cellulite. Okay! Bring it on! As I lay all toasty warm in the diathermy
pad, the paddles on my tummy – I don’t know how to describe it, quite.
They zapped me. It doesn’t hurt, but you can sure feel it stimulating the
muscles in your abdomen. I actually felt my muscles contracting.
You’d think all that muscle contracting business would make you sore, but
it didn’t. I was surprised by this. What I did like, though, is that my
tummy actually felt tighter after the treatment.
How did I make out? When Leah measured me after my treatment (no cheating
either!), I’d lost an inch off of my trouble spot. Good news for Mission
Stay tuned for more tales of my inch-loss with Slimlines!

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