Sweating Burns Calories

Sweating Isn’t Pretty but it Sure Burns Calories!

Perspiration (sweating, transpiration, or diaphoresis) is the production of fluids secreted by the sweat glands in the skin of mammals

I remember when I was younger and a “lady” said to me one day… Women don’t sweat, they perspire.  Huh? What?  As I’m standing there dripping from head to toe, uh ya no lady I’m sweating! Sorry it isn’t pretty!

Slimlines sauna I’m THAT woman you see at the gym who’s dripping everywhere (don’t worry I clean up after myself!) I don’t look great buy damn do I feel good! What is it about sweating that feels so good to some people and yet others can’t stand it and will complain like crazy? In my mind I’m burning all kinds of calories and riding my body of toxins too.



And why does sweat smell?   Sweat in your armpits and hair and groin apparentlySlimlines infrared sauna secret an oil that bacteria just love.  The smell comes from the waste produced by the bacteria after it eats your sweat! (Can I call that bacteria poop?) Ewwww! And its quite obvious who has more smelly oil than others!  Being someone who’s scared of deodorants and antiperspirants this has become a bit of an issue for me.


Does Sweating burn more calories?

YES! Because heat burns calories and by sweating, your body is heating up and using extra calories.  Sweating is your body’s way of cooling itself off.  The body has to work to do so and voila! You have more calories a burnin”

The infrared  saunas are great for bringing on a deep sweat! My favorite is the lay down units because you are more relaxed and can have a little snooze.  I love the feeling of the sweat dripping off my body.  Its when the heart rate goes up that the sleeping part goes out the window, but the power snooze is great.

Slimlines saunaBest ways to sweat in my humble opinion? Infrared sauna!  And the benefits? Check out our page: slimlines.ca and click on Infrared Sauna.  You can sweat in private and there’s mirrors to clean yourself up afterwards so that you look somewhat presentable!  There are some clients though that love to look all hot and sweaty and I really should start taking pictures!

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