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Bloating – February 8, 2013

Being in the weight loss/inch loss industry I come across all shapes and sizes of men and women.  What people don’t realize with the services we offer here is that I am able to help you from the inside out.  What this means is in getting to know a client I can find out key problems with their weight loss that sometimes can be easily tweaked by a product recommendation that will cause their body to change even faster.  Sometimes its just the product they need and not necessarily any of our body treatments. It is my goal to help our clients from the inside out.  For example, one of the biggest “problems” I tend to see with men and women is that they are quite often bloated. There are a number of factors that can cause bloating and I’d like to touch on a couple here and my remedies for it.

1.  Digestion is key in maintaining a healthy weight and for losing weight as well.  If you are someone who craves sugar, bread, starch, and these types of sugary foods which in turn cause bloating I would recommend that you start with Bod-E-Klenz by Natures Sunshine along with Caprylic Acid.  The Bod-E-Klenz is an easy to use kit with pre-packaged supplements that you take on a daily basis. In a nut shell, doing this cleanse will:

Revitalize and balance the intestinal system, help the body deal with environmental toxins and stress, provide energy, strengthen the glands throughout the body, balance hormones, nourish and strengthen the liver, promotes better digestion and elimination, balance blood sugars.

If sugar cravings are an issue it may mean that there is a build up of yeast in the body so I recommend taking Caprylic acid with the cleanse.

Any questions? Please feel free to call me at any time!




Slimlines Blog for January 10, 2013

Its the crazy time of year where everyone is getting ready for a beach holiday.  Wish I was on that list too!  Not only can we help get your body looking great in a bathing suit (quickly I might add) but we have an expert swimsuit fitter to make it even better!  Sol Swimwear is joining forces with us to complete the beach holiday preparation.  AND even better!!!  Brian Rose from Urban Eden is now renting a room from us and is doing non-invasive face lifts using micro current technology.  I’ve done 2 sessions with him so far and quite frankly am a little blown away with the results.  I will be doing 12 sessions in all so will post my before and afters when done.  We will soon be offering exclusive evenings 1x a month here.  How that works is we will offer to a few select ladies the opportunity to spend a few hours with us trying all of our services, along with some wine and cheese.  This is a great opportunity to ask a lot of questions, learn a few new things, lose lots of inches and have some giggles and bubbles with close friends.  If this is something that interests you please give me a call personally at 780-989-9991 and let’s set it up!


December 2012

Rounding off another year and next month we will have been in this location for 5 years.  This past year we’ve had some really exciting changes in clients and offered some really fantastic packages.  Weight loss of course is on everybody’s mind as we enter the new year and we look forward to meeting all the new (and see some of the old) clients who need to get rid of a little turkey belly!  We have also introduced a new bust lift and bust enhancement package.  The before and afters will obviously need to be seen here as I can’t post them.  We offer complimentary consultations and are more than happy to share our success stories with you.

I came across a really important article written by Dr. Mercola that I would like to share.  It has always been my belief that we are constantly mislead by media and large corporations when it comes to tanning and skin cancer.  Please read this informative article and share your thoughts! I firmly believe that it is more unhealthy to spread a lotion FULL of chemicals all over your body (your skin being the largest organ of your body) and baking it in.

September 2011

This last month has been pretty exciting for us at Slimlines.  Although I’ve said I would never use a coupon company again I ended up going with Living Social and have been quite pleased with the results.  To start, Living Social actually came to my place of business and checked us/me out.  They had really good recommendations and together we came up with a really great starter package.  To date about 80% of the clients that found us with their coupon have purchased packages, be it SlimSmart, Lipo Laser, or Infrared Sauna.  We even had 6 people who saw the ad but didn’t purchase a coupon buy packages!  Now that’s what I call advertising.  I think Living Social is a high end company who believes in promoting the smaller companies.  Clients are losing inches here (including the staff!!)

November 2011

Things are still a little slow around here this time of year, but the slow trickle of returning clients has been a lot of fun for us. I love seeing old faces again.  Many clients are taking up our great specials for Christmas, mostly buying for themselves, but select few are buying for friends and family.  I’m learning that inch loss services tend to be a guilty pleasure.  I love the clients that send their husbands in to buy them a gift certificate… they seem so out of place when they come in, but once we’re done with them they’re happy!  I would like to extend warm wishes for the upcoming holiday season and look forward to meeting lots of new people too!

December 2011

As the year wraps up and all the Christmas clients have been here getting ready for their holidays, we start getting ready for the New Years!  After seeing so many happy clients getting great results I thought it best that I make the time to get myself on the SlimSmart, Lipo laser and Infrared sauna…… WOW! I forget sometimes just how great it feels and how I look and feel.

June 2012

Oops! Haven’t been here for a while!  I am so excited to be celebrating our 4 year Anniversary in this location.  Wow, does time fly.  I will be coming up with some extra special deals in lieu of this…. the date is July 1st!  Slimlines has been in Edmonton since 2006. We started out on the West End in a friends spa and as her and I expanded we ran out of room so I had to find my own place.  Being so close to Whyte Ave has been fantastic, I love the vibe of this area.  We had really great clients here and I have to say that I feel blessed to be doing what I do here.

September 7, 2012

Ok, so time really does fly by! Summer has passed and we are gearing up for all the folks that want to keep their summer color as well as get ready for the up and coming holidays.  Have you booked a winter vacation yet?  I love all the new clients that come in this time of year, as well as seeing some of the regulars again.  They all have one thing in common: Help me get my body ready for my bathing suit!! A client today gave me the great idea to put together a VEGAS package!  You can check that out on our Specials page. Also, just yesterday a regular client called to thank me profusely for introducing her to the ViSi weight loss capsule.  She said she lost 7 pounds in 6 days and that this is the FIRST thing she has EVER used that worked so fast and so well.  I LOVE hearing things like that.  So if you are looking for a great place to get you and your body ready for this winter season, please give us a call.  We’re here to help and we LOVE what we do!!

November 29, 2012.

We’re getting ready for Christmas here, and so are our clients and their bodies!  There’s mud flying from the body contour wraps, people getting their bodies re-shaped on SlimSmart, tanners getting a great glow….. I LOVE this time of year.  It is so much fun for me to see the changes in peoples bodies and to see them get excited about their party dresses or holidays because they look and feel great. Oh, and I’m even finding time for myself too!  I so enjoy getting here early in the morning, doing my Power Plate session, somehow finding the time during the day to tighten and tone on the SlimSmart and then finishing off my day with the infrared sauna.  We had a client just the other day who came out of the infrared sauna with a totally blissed out look on her face. She said that she felt like she’d just had great sex!  Not sure if I’ve ever felt that way after the infrared, but hey here’s to her!