Lash Extensions Edmonton

A Blink Away from Beauty

Playing with all NEW curls and thicknesses in volume lashes. I LOVE them! With over 13 years experience its fun to try new lashes.  It just keep getting better.

Ever dreamt of having those gorgeous luscious lashes that you see on TV?  Well your dream has come true!

We are one of the first in Edmonton to offer custom lash extensions 13 years ago.  Now they are popular and everybody wants them.  Imagine not wearing mascara…. ever! Wake up in the morning and you’re done!
Would you like to get glammed out for a party?  Need something soft and subtle for everyday? Are you going on a vacation and plan to spend lots of time in the water? We have the perfect fit for you.

WHY CHOOSE US? Because we have years of experience and we do the job until you’re done, not when our time is up. 

We need you for two hours your first visit with us to do a thorough consultation so that we may offer you the best lashes.