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Universal Body Contour Wrap Edmonton

  • Body wraps for Immediate Inch Loss
  • Body wraps have been touted as Hollywood’s best-kept secret.
  • Body wraps are said to be miracle workers, capable of vanishing inches off hips and thighs.
  • We are conveniently located on the South Side of Edmonton, close to the UofA

Lose a minimum of 6 inches with our body wrap because we use the Universal Body Contour Wrap OR do SlimLine Body Wrap and keep it off 6-8 months

                                                       BCW                                  SlimLine

 # of Sessions                               3                       :                        10

Total Session Time        6 hours                        :                  5 hours

Avg Inch Loss            10 from neck to ankles    :    14 from chest to knees

Inches Stay Off               30 days                         :               6-8 months

Cost                                     $549.95                         :               $549.99



Which one would you like?

How many inches would you like to lose and keep off?

SlimLine is your answer…



DID YOU JUST FIGURE OUT YOU’RE GOING AWAY NEXT WEEK?? Try this one (my secret formula for that quick get away)

3 SlimLine (targets the area you are wanting to shrink)

3 Infrared Sauna and 1 Lipo Laser!    $399!!

This formula beats the Body Contour Wrap HANDS DOWN!

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1 $199.95
3 $549.95

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