Inch Loss Packages

Your Inch loss and Weight Loss services and solutions!

slimlinesFor solutions that work on cellulite, fat loss and reduction, body shaping, detoxification and tightening and toning these packages are put together for you.  We can also customize a package to suit your weight loss, inch loss goals.


Let us help you get the body you desire.  *Using SlimLine and Infrared Sauna, we can targetSlimlines those trouble areas and get your body tight and toned in just 18 sessions (3x a week).  Using diathermy wraps we are able to help your body break down the unsightly cellulite while the electro muscle stimulation from SlimLine tightens and tones your muscles as well as stimulating your lymphatic system to help your body rid itself of those unwanted fats and cellulite.  You will lose inches everywhere and get a nice mini bust lift as well.  After your inch loss and fat loss session on SlimLine we’ll pop you into the lay down infrared sauna unit to burn up to 600 calories in a session.
Doing this package 3x per week will give you quicker results. (6 weeks in total)

Target areas:  Arms, chest, belly, thighs  $1599 (reg. $2085) add backside for $549.99

GET FIT FAST (12+12):

A Lot like the package above except we’re  focusing on a smaller area of the body and doing 12 SlimLine sessions and 12 Infrared Sauna        Look and feel great quick!

12 + 12   $774.00  (reg $827.99)  ADD the backside for $549.00

VEGAS BABY!  : Lie back and relax and let SlimLine do the work.  Who doesn’t want to look fabulous in Vegas? Even better, lie back again in the infrared sauna and burn off those unwanted calories and some cellulite too!

5 full body front SlimLine, 5 Infrared Sauna  (add backside for $275)  $500.00 (reg. $589.90)  Who doesn’t want to look great in their bathing suit, dress, shorts??

Little nervous?? Why not give it all a try first…. 1 Slimline, 1 Lipo Laser, 1 Infrared Sauna  $159.99

Upon consultation the perfect package can be put together to meet your needs specifically because our bodies are not all the same!

*The material presented here is for educational purposes only.  We make no medical claims for Slimline, Lipo Laser and Infrared Sauna.  Individual results will vary.