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Your Inch loss and Weight Loss services and SOLUTIONS!

For solutions that work on cellulite, fat loss and reduction, body shaping, detoxification and tightening and toning these packages are put together for you.  We can also customize a package to suit your weight loss, inch loss goals.

1 Month Intense Inch Loss: 8 SlimLine,  8 Infrared Sauna, 4 Lipo Laser  $899

Get Fit Fast: 12 SlimLine, 12 Infrared Sauna $674
6 Weeks to Fabulous: 18 SlimLine, 18 Infrared, 6 Lipo Laser  $1599 (reg. $2358)

slimlines specials GET READY FOR MEXICO (or VEGAS) !! 5 SlimLine, 5 Infrared Sauna,  $499 (reg. $540)  Who doesn’t want to look great in their bathing suit??




10 SlimLine (arms, chest, belly and legs), 10 SlimLine (hips, bum, hamstrings) AND,

10 Infrared Sauna $1499 (reg. $1706)

Upon consultation the perfect package can be put together to meet your needs specifically because our bodies are not all the same!

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