Universal Body Contour Wrap Edmonton

Universal Body Contour Wrap

# of wraps:                  3

Total Session time:    6hrs

Avg. Inch loss:            10 from neck to ankles

Inches stay off:            up to 30 days

Total Cost:                    $570

Really the point here is that a better solution to your inch loss needs based on our 14 years of experience is in the SlimLine wrap.  We can target more specific areas whereas the body contour wrap doesn’t.  We can tighten and tone the muscles while using diathermy heat to break down fat and cellulite. Even better, add in Infrared Sauna to burn calories, detox and help the fat be released. I’ll give you a hint here, the Slimline wrap below is the BEST!

SlimLine Contour Wrap

# of Sessions                     10

Total Session time:         2-3x week 30min

Avg. Inch loss:                   Dress or pant size

Inches Stay off:                 8mos

Total Cost:                          $632.49


How many inches would you like to lose? AND keep OFF?

VEGAS BABY! (or Quick Getaway)

Just discovered us? Well we have the answer for you (its my insider secret because I do this myself!)

3 SlimLine, 3 Sauna AND 1 Lipo Laser

$399 (add 2 more Lipo for $175)