Body Wraps Edmonton

Body wraps for  *Immediate Inch Loss

  • Body wraps have been touted as Hollywood’s best-kept secret.
  • Body wraps are said to be miracle workers, capable of vanishing inches off hips and thighs.
  • We are conveniently located on the South Side of Edmonton, just off Whyte Ave.

Lose a minimum of 6 inches with our body wrap because we use the Universal Body Contour Wrap


HOWEVER… would you like 3x the results??  SlimLine is your answer


We know how frustrated you feel when you look at a closet full of clothes that you can’t fit into anymore. Maybe you’re getting ready for Vegas and want to look your best as soon as possible. We also know how hard it is to stick with a weight loss plan when you’re not seeing any concrete results. Even if you do lose some weight, it’s hard to lose those stubborn, flabby inches that make you look bigger than you really are

*The material presented here is for educational purposes only.  We make no medical claims for Slimline, Lipo Laser and Infrared Sauna.  Individual results will vary.